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Buying & Selling Toronto Real Estate During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Its always said, success in Toronto, real estate hinges on a strategy that is smart and based on experience.

It's even more crucial today, given the uncertainty and turbulence as the planet navigates the COVID-19 health catastrophe we face. Only four weeks ago in Toronto, people who had been on the search or prepared to list their property proceeded under the assumption the process would be' business as usual. With this global disruption, the world of real estate sales and buying changed, possibly even forever. Even though the Toronto real estate business is a vital service, the landscape is now a new territory. Toronto Real Estate Agents now have to conduct themselves within the constraints of social distancing measures. Non-essential business closures, and instructions from each level of government pressing residents to stay-at-home (such as the request you only go to the grocery store once a week).

So Who's Highly Motivated To Move (At A Pressing Time Like This)?

It's hard to press pause, especially if you've spent a great deal of time and emotional energy in it, which is precisely what numerous Toronto home seekers have had to do. The Toronto housing market characterized by low supply and high demand; our attention now is directed to distancing; it was not unusual for Buyers.

In actuality, just before the pandemic, the Toronto market was ramping up hard, looking a good deal like Spring 2017 before the Fair Housing Plan intervention of the government. A relaxation of the mortgage's statement and low mortgage interest rates stress test rules propelled many buyers. 

Like most realtors, we were guiding several customers who were preparing to list their residence. Spring is one of the most popular occasions to list your home or property. The traditional cycles of property have been affected for today. And it stands to reason that those who remain motivated to buy sell or lease Toronto real estate market are engaged in the process.

What Is Your Motivation For Buying and Selling at This Time? 

The need is limited to a small group of people when it comes to "having no choice." There are those who, when the market was interrupted, was in the middle of a deal, and remains incomplete. Or people who bought but must sell the one they currently own. There are the families that are leasing that already gave their landlord their notice to vacate (or the landlord served them an N12 Notice to end tenancy), leaving them on a quest to rent or buy.

These situations are needs - and they continue to happen every day with, or without - a pandemic, which is why the trade of real estate is considered a vital service.

Are you swept up in the desire to move? You may want to put that on pause! 

Sure, a whole group of individuals is binge-watching Netflix through self-isolation to stave off boredom, but now isn't the time to let it cast its spell and give you a reason to sell or get a new home for reinvention, or a way to occupy your time. Instead, might I suggest that you invest in a mini-makeover or renovation to increase the value of your home? 

However, if COVID-19 has had an impact on your household income, there is a link courtesy of Moneysense. There you will find plenty of available resources offered by the government. These include the opportunity to reevaluate mortgage payments by other incentives, utility bill deferrals in the city, and loans by various levels of government.

This article in Moneysense called "where To Find And Apply For COVID-19 Financial Relief" offers a fantastic summary of what's currently available, but frequently check as the situation is changing daily. These times will bring an additional layer of stress and uncertainty to everybody. If your income is in danger and all your expenses fixed, now is the time to evaluate your circumstances.

For the time, it's realistic that households will reconcile and swallow the pill that they can't sustain their expenses that are pre-pandemic in this period necessary before we return to our business as usual / lives. You may be doing yourself a service while real estate values remain stable if there's a chance your situation could go from so-so to uh-oh by selling your property now. 

Over the next 4 to 8 months - and for as long as the Toronto Real Estate Market is in question - we will see an increase in the number of properties listed under duress. At some point, the media will document the pandemic's hardships, and the market will experience significant drops in value exaggerating market conditions. It is too premature to gauge significant Toronto property values will be affected.

If you're buying or selling as a"need," right now, you need to change your expectations and understand the procedure for the trade of Toronto real estate is not firing on all cylinders.

Sellers Listen Up

Consider the time, energy, and investment needed to list your property for sale. Preparing your home begins with cleansing your home of all of the items which won't be moving with you and organizing all the stuff which will. Finishing your seasonal maintenance checklist, getting too small repairs, making minor value-added upgrades, or even tackling some significant renovations. 

One good idea is to get help from outside resource companies, a professional repair service, and a landscaping firm when your objective is to maximize your sale price.

Meanwhile, your realtor team would also be completing their marketing and promotional material ahead of bringing your house to the market. Such as hiring the floor plan measurer, a professional photographer, a staging consultant, printing flyers, installing the 'For Sale' sign, engaging a house inspection company, or if it's a condominium, the Status Certificate from your building. 

All these jobs by your realtor and the seller are challenging or impossible under the government's mandated COVID-19 closure restrictions due to social distancing requirements and business closures that are non-essential. You may be purging to create a more pleasing home for sale, but most places are not currently accepting charitable donations. Many hardware stores are available for supplies, but given contractors aren't supposed to enter a dwelling, you may need the right skill set to complete renovations or any repairs yourself.

Although you can handle lots of these preparations yourself, the result will be hard to replicate the work of a proven professional. Additionally, their brokerage and your realtor - like the majority in this industry - are operating with none of the resources available weeks ago to turn out marketing campaigns and a sales strategy. What used to be standard operating procedure working like clockwork is no longer possible because of government intervention, though the trade of real estate is a vital service.

Realistically, sellers must expect it will take longer to sell their property, which individual sales and listing Strategies, Bully Offers, & Bidding Wars are less likely as the pool of active buyers engaged in the market shrinks. Which one must be ready to negotiate, and that an Agreement of Purchase & Sale may include conditions for a more extended period than was typical pre-COVID-19 so the Buyer and their lender can complete their due diligence.

Viewing Properties For Sale

Conducting Open Houses is not permitted at the moment. Significantly, Buyers and Sellers consider the risks associated with viewing a property listed for sale where household members are in residence, whether that be the owner or a tenant. Even though there are severe limitations around viewings now (which I'll go into detail about below), Sellers have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of permitting prospective purchasers in their personal or investment property in this state of lockdown, potentially exposing themselves and their families to COVID-19. Brokerages are advocating Sellers anticipate that tenants may resist allowing viewings to proceed, and should move out of their property in advance of bringing it to market. 

When viewings do happen, there is a fair bit of COVID-19 protocol both in the preparation of the residence for seeing (basically sterilized); once inside, prospective Buyers cannot touch anything during a property visit, including doorknobs, cabinet handles, taps, light switches or window coverings. There is also additional documentation for customers to register, including Seller and Buyer Indemnity Forms, along with a Health Disclosure Declaration that should be submitted by the purchaser's realtor in advance of visiting a property for sale or rent that discloses the state of the Buyer's health status. It'll be increasingly common that Offers may be conditional on the Buyer viewing the property in person after securing it.

In the past, some lenders and lawyers made it mandatory you meet in-person to sign all of the documents. Right now, this is not feasible in the present climate, inquire about the probability of using a digital signature service like DocuSign. For offers, the signing was common practice before COVID-19, which is a real blessing in the current environment. Expectations around that portion of instruction are primarily the same. Expect longer time intervals for things like the completion of due diligence, financing approvals, and all legal property documentation, as we adapt to the new workflow. Deposits were usually provided from the purchaser within 24 hours of the offer. Even though banks are open, this deadline might prove challenging for thieves.

Due diligence is done, and it turns into a contract. After a sale is negotiated, Sellers should anticipate the possibility of delays occurring shortly before, or on, the completion date. It's essential you stay flexible and understand any obstacles aren't intentional. For example, pre-closing inspections might have to be delayed in self-isolation because of vulnerability or if their realtor or the Buyer is sick. Appraisals may be delayed too. And at the moment, the Building Department of Toronto is shut, so lawyers can not fully complete the due diligence necessary to validate the title that is clear. In actuality, Agreement of Purchase & Sale includes clauses that state the flexibility -and faith - required to complete the sale.

While a Buyer at a firm and binding contract is legally bound to complete a purchase, given the fiscal uncertainty and widespread temporary unemployment, it is possible that Buyers may not be able to close because they can not secure the necessary insurance or they've spiraled under fiscal duress. Seller's and the Buyer lawyers will have to resolve this failure becomes resolved as it has been done pre-COVID-19.

It is essential for all parties to remember that necessary offices and services may be open right now and that the situation is fluid, but that situation could change.

Movers still fall under essential services, but that service is vulnerable - and could expose you as well. If you are purchasing a condominium, or live in, confirm using having anyone Besides residents, and their guests enter the building, or the elevator, or restricted, whether the building is allowing. 

Insider Knowledge 

Right now, the majority of properties that are sold are sight unseen with and electronic marketing material, Virtual Tours, with offers being submitted conditionally. Interestingly enough that while the number of listings and sales have dropped, most everything we are seeing goes into biddings wars. Downtown Toronto Condos have jumped to $1250 per square foot, which shows the demand is still there.

With the new march stats showing that the market has cooled, the opinion is once this crisis has passed, the marketplace will be just as strong if not stronger again. Before it recovers, the market will correct down in terms of values and volume. Toronto Real estate has been and always will be considered cyclical, meaning that there are still peaks and valleys in the Toronto market. 

This disruption will fade, and if you aim to have your property for 5 to 10 years, and your financial status aren't in danger, then stay home, and your focus is to remain healthy.

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